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This literature request form is for use by Cerrowire's Manufacturer's Representatives.  If you would like more information about any of Cerrowire's products or services, please see the Where to Buy portion of our website.


Note to Reps: Shipments will only be made to the the Agency's home office, where the literature can then be distributed to any remotely located Outside Sales Reps, so please plan ahead in your ordering.  All material will be sent by the most economical shipping method unless otherwise requested.

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Literature Available
SLiPWire THHN Flyer
SLiPWire XHHW-2 Flyer
True Sequential Footage/Footage Guarantee Flyer
Product Brochure (3-fold, hole-punched)
Scrap Return Program Flyer
Striped Circuit THHN Flyer
Pulling Grips Flyer
Quality Flyer
Multi-Conductor Barrel Flyer
Fast Pull Flyer
Stacked Reel Flyer
THHN Specification Sheet
XHHW Specification Sheet
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